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Coming home

Sometimes all you need is a Saturday afternoon – the sky an egg wash blue, bare trees crackling against the softness of it, like great lightning bolts. A bedbound husband, a coffee fast going cold and a cake in the oven. 40 minutes to spare. 40 minutes to tell a story. I want to tell you all about Lecce and the honeyed streets. The way the stone was as warm and rich as a pat of butter. We spent 12 months there – the most permanent home Dom and I have known for a long time. Our apartment was on the seam of the old town. In the first few months, I would quicken my step to get through Porta Rudiae, into the heart of the city. But by the end of the year, the orbits shifted and this messy hem of flat-roofed buildings and cracked pavements fizzled into focus. Within a 5 minute walk, we had everything we needed: three pizzerias, four cafes, three greengrocers, two fishmongers, a butcher, and a bakery that only Read More