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cauliflower steaks

Spice-Rubbed Cauliflower Steaks

Hello 2017 – and hello to all of you – sorry I’m horribly late. Everything’s gone by so quickly – Christmas, New Year, delicious food – and I’ve let them slip away because, with time, the thought of recording them all has become more and more tiresome. A job for a long afternoon of nothingness, and how often do those come about?   Anyway, I’m now on a train on my way home from London and I feel the urge to write. Not quite a long afternoon, but it’ll do. I know the middle of January is hardly the time for yearly reviews, but I do want to talk a bit about my 2016 (wow, doesn’t that seem a while ago?). Now contrary to popular opinion, I liked 2016. Political strife and numerous celebrity deaths aside, it was actually quite good, and without sounding too unbearable, I think I might have learned some important things. Here they are: 9-5 (who am I kidding – 9-6) jobs are, for the most part, intolerably shit. Well, in any case Read More

Ravioli di Zucca e Amaretti

A few weeks ago, in our old village church, my twin sister got married. It was wonderful, and I was floating atop a fluffy wedding cloud for days afterwards. Not just because it was such a gloriously happy day, but because it objectively was the best kind of wedding. You know, the sort that sees you chauffeured to the reception in 1940s jeeps, laughing and giddy because it’s raining and windy and you’re driving along an A road in a car without doors. But you don’t care! Because your sister’s getting married and there are pies to eat, and oh look, a swing band’s just started, and hurrah! Your love is there to spin you round the dance floor the whole night. So yes, it was the best sort of wedding. But that was three weeks ago, and I definitely should’ve told you all about it before now (sorry), largely because quite a lot has happened since. For one, I started my MA at SOAS last week, resulting in me heading back to London for the first time in two months. And oh Read More

10 July

There was a night, a couple of months ago, when Dom and I were talking about the logistics of him taking a job in the East Midlands. We really didn’t know how it was going to work – commuting to my job in London would cost more than rent; and I doubted I’d ever find creative work in the wilds of Northamptonshire. It was a real pickle. But then I had an idea: I’d spend the year studying for a masters and start a copywriting business to fund it all. I’d commute into London a couple of times a week for uni, and spend the rest of the time working from home. It was one of those plans that seemed deceptively simple – and if I’m honest, it still does. Fast forward a few weeks, and you’ll find two people sitting on camp chairs in an empty living room, a little pile of foil takeaway containers at their feet. There are fairy lights and a record player, and housewarming champagne, but that’s all. Outside it’s quiet. So blissfully, blissfully quiet. I’ve rarely felt as young, or Read More