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Another Piece of England in Italy

It’s official: there are two Mulhearns in Italy. In fact, there are two Mulhearns in Terracina and to be even more exact, just yesterday there were two Mulhearns sitting on my balcony chatting and eating gelato. Now, you would think that this would have been a good opportunity for Hattie to take my computer and share her story with you, in her own words, on this blog. However, it was not to be. After leaving her alone for a good half an hour with instructions to share her au pairing adventure, I returned only to find her on Facebook. Needless to say, she failed in her task. In fact, despite expressing concern that (in her own words) “nobody even realises that I’ve pissed off to Italy as well”, I was quite surprised that Hattie wasn’t more keen to tell the world that she is alive and well and currently staying in Terracina. So, instead I will talk a little about the day we spent together yesterday which was, although I hate to admit it, such Read More


Okay then, seeing as in my last post I proclaimed my newfound Englishness, I’m going to do the proper thing and talk – very seriously – about the weather. Whilst I sit here on my balcony, swollen raindrops are beginning to fall from the dark and stormy sky. I can hear the excited chirruping of birds, silenced only by the periodic rumblings of distant thunder. There is a freshness in the air that for the first time in over three weeks, has made me put on a cardigan. Oh yes, there is a storm brewing. In fact, after weeks and weeks of unrelenting sun the weather over the past three days has been changing. For example, blowing away the sticky heat of summer, we have been blessed by a much welcomed breeze. Whilst providing respite from the heat, this wind has also aggravated the ocean; whipping the waves into towering and mighty walls of water. Of course, this was the source of amusement for many Italian ‘look how cool and hard I am’ teenage boys, who Read More

A weekend in Naples

Ahhh….Napoli. Your people, your Vesuvius, your architecture and your pizza have stolen my heart. Your reputation may be tattered round the edges but your soul is pure and good and alive and I love you I love you I love you. For me, Naples is the place I have been searching for. It boasts all the componants of the true Italy: energy, beauty and food. So let me begin with the latter and my solo search for the best pizza in the world. I was told on the train by a kind Neapolitan gentleman who didn’t speak a word of English, that such a search must begin and end at Da Michele’s pizzeria, for this was “bella pizza” – completely unbeatable. So it was with great joy that while being hopelessly lost after my first half hour in Naples, I stumbled across the pizzeria. In fact, I didn’t even have to read the sign, the queue of about twenty people outside the door told me that this was the place. Pushing through the crowd, I managed, Read More