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We used to have pancakes once a year at home, on Shrove Tuesday, when the squeezy Jif would appear at the table and my mum would stand at the stove, grumbling about what a fuss they were to cook. English pancakes were never a breakfast thing. I only remember them with the backdrop of a cold February evening, rolled up tight with lemon and sugar, a little damp, a little thick. A couple of Saturdays ago I broke tradition and cooked them for brunch. It was all because of Tiphaine really, my lovely French coworker, who gave me a hand-written recipe for crêpes – the English pancake’s superior cousin.  I’d asked her what her favourite childhood meal was, and like a good Breton she told me it was crêpes. More so now that she’s been in London for sometime, because they remind her of home and weekend breakfasts. It’s funny how moving away from a place draws us closer to the simple foods we grew up with, and more often than not, to one of our national or regional Read More


If I have learned only one thing from au pairing, it is that I am a snail. Not in the sense that I’m slow (although admittedly, I am) but through the fact that I carry my home on my back. When I left England almost three weeks ago now, I rather naively thought that I could say goodbye to my family and friends, hop on a plane and forget about them for two months. However, I have since discovered that it is not so easy. Home is a part of us and to separate ourselves from it is near impossible. From morning to nigh I think about England and all of the things I miss there: my mum, my sisters, my brother, my dad, nieces, nephews, fish and chips and rain (I know…how crazy is that?) Although I’m trying my best to dig my feet into Italy and embrace life here, there are always those roots in England which are pulling me in the direction of home. Despite the occasional stings of homesickness however, I really am enjoying Read More