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view from Monte Grignone

A world unfolding

Last week, after tunneling under the squat heft of Monte Bianco, and with the cloud-tangled peaks of its French facade in our wake, I watched two alpine cows tumble together in a meadow by the side of the road. The white of their bellies blurred with the brown of their backs, and it seemed that they were locked in a play fight. How amazing, I thought. But as we drew closer to the dancing cows, the image corrected itself: it was just a small windmill turning furiously in the strengthening wind. We were going home. To the home beyond the hills and mountains; far from the Alps, and the Pre-Alps, and the green, terraced footholds that wrap around Bergamo like a frilly collar. To the rushes, reeds and washes of East Anglia and the flat swathes of the Cheshire plains. Driving across France – wheels on earth, dogs in the boot, rain belting the windscreen – was a physical process of connecting the two: our Italian home and British one. A week ago, this journey Read More