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baked peach mascarpone

Baked peaches

If anything was going to bring me back to writing, it was going to be a baked peach. Ever since the days of reading Jane Grigson in the greengrocers at my Saturday job, bundled up in knitwear and watching the clock on the wall tick laboriously by, I’ve dreamt of baked peaches. In the summer, late August usually, an elderly Italian woman who lived in Bungay would bring in a crate of peaches; big and fat and rosy. They were from her garden, and I would buy three and take them home to savour. The shop is no longer there, but the idea of a peach tree in Suffolk – perhaps planted by a homesick immigrant – has stayed with me. I ate those home-grown peaches with gusto – no time for baking – but I would think of Jane Grigson’s recipe for baked peaches as the juice dribbled down my chin. The hollow left from the stone is filled with crumbled amaretti – or coconut macaroons, this is after all 1980s Britain. The cooked Read More

Chocolate almonds

Almonds are sun dyed Moroccan markets; they’re the frangipane on a perfectly British Bakewell tart. They’re spring in some foreign climes, green, fresh, fragrant and juicy. They’re the sweet decadence of a rich Christmas cake and the chewy whisper of a light as a feather macaroon. Almonds are for me, the king of all nuts. So the announcement that this month’s We Should Cocoa challenge was to combine chocolate with almonds was extremely welcomed. However, revision meant that I couldn’t make the flourless chocolate orange cake I’d envisaged, so I took the simple route and decided to make some chocolate covered almonds. (Revision also meant that I didn’t get this posted in time so I was too late to be included in the round up for the challenge…damn you Colonial and Revolutionary America: From Early Settlement to the War of Independence exam!) The chocolate was dark and the almonds sweet – the toasting bringing out their delicious natural flavour. Nestled in their red and gold tin they looked just like antique jewels. A simple treasure that Read More