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Fregula with pancetta and squash

Although the topic has been the focus of countless poems, photographs and childhood memories, I would like to bring something to your attention: the sweetness of an October evening in London, circa 6pm. It was on yesterday’s commute home from Putney to Canary Wharf – I know, I know, it’s madness – that I first noticed it: the trees scorched with yellow and bronze, the sunlight melting to a soft amber. Autumn has come. In London, autumn doesn’t come with the same prelude as at home, where the sky is so big and the trees so numerous that the transition from season to season becomes a show in itself. Instead, there’ll come an October day when it hits you. Yesterday was that day. I might even have uttered something about it feeling like Christmas, but don’t worry, we’ll keep that thought on hold for a couple of a months. In the kitchen, October is a ripe, golden month. A month of produce burnished with ochre and brimming with flavour – the type of food that cries out to be softened with bacon Read More

Portobello Mushroom Burgers

Something’s telling me I should give up on this whole ‘post a day’ malarkey. Not only have I succumbed to the lurgy, but my website host has deleted my ToTheTable blog (it might have something to do with forgetting to pay them…). But I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED. I’ll post this belated entry here while I work at getting my old site restored: As I spent most of yesterday blowing my nose I had to employ somebody else to cook for me, but dinner was so delicious I have to share it. A grilled portobello mushroom – dripping in garlic butter and stuffed into a cream cheese slathered roll – is a revelation. As is using crushed crisps as breadcrumbs. And not only that, but yesterday I also learned that trying to learn salsa – turns and all – with lingering labyrinthitis is a bad idea. And so it was that I came to eat a portobello burger while curled up on the sofa, contemplating both my terrible immune system and the joy of a grilled mushroom. Portobello Mushroom Burgers Simply Read More

Dal and butternut squash soup

Today marks day one of a scheduled week of kitchen diary posts. But I am ill – an aching, sniffing, moaning mess – and I don’t feel like eating much. The aim of these short blog posts was to record my suppers for a week – however unflashy. But as I stared into a fridge offering nothing but peppers and a stick of butter, I lost hope. I’ve spent the weekend in Cheshire, eating homemade pie and enjoying northern hospitality, so not only am I ill but I’m feeling particularly nutrient deficient. Thank god for vegetable-packed freezers. With some frozen squash, spinach, peppers and an onion I was able to make dinner. I know I have an abundance of squash and lentil recipes, but keep the former in the freezer and the latter in the cupboard and you’ll never be without a soup. I couldn’t muster the energy to blend this and I think it’s the better for it. It’s sunshine soup for a rainy day (and an invalid). Dal and butternut squash soup one small onion two red/yellow peppers One butternut Read More