Month: June 2017

18 June

It began in January. An idea that bubbled up on a murky weekday evening and refused to go away. Dom and I were driving through town, talking about hot Italian summers and the trappings of a 9-5 job, when we came to it. “Why don’t we just leave it all? Move abroad, write for a living”, I half joked. Dom was silent for a while. “Ok.” Then we went into the supermarket and schemed, with trepidation at first, like two people planning what they’d buy with a winning lottery ticket. We’d get a van, we told ourselves. Then we’d spend the summer in Europe – oh, could we get a dog? – yes, alright. We’d spend half our time writing, the other half eating, travelling, living. Over the next few weeks, the idea morphed, and as it did it became a real thing. Instead of the van we decided to rent an apartment for the winter in Sicily. And in the spring we’d travel to Japan, Canada, New Zealand. All the places we’d wanted to Read More