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Well hello there. Long time no see.

Every day for the past month or so I’ve woken up and vowed to write a new blog post. Yes, I tell myself, today will be the day. But then the evening swings around, and there’s a glass of wine in my hand and an old X-Files episode on the TV, and somehow it all seems like too much work.

But today is finally that day. I have banana bread, coffee and an almost silent flat. No excuses.

So where do I start? Well, I’m living in Islington, which makes me happy beyond words – mostly because Holloway Road has some of the best food in London, but also because I’ve fulfilled one of 12-year-old Alice’s many aspirations. Our ninth floor flat has a kitchen that looks out towards the east – the sunrise a welcome balm for early mornings, and a collection of moka pots for every occasion.


I’m working as a copywriter for a new app (exciting and terrifying in equal measure); I’ve written my first commissioned articles (which you can read here); and I spend my evenings cooking or being cooked for.

In short, I’m happy. Even happier now that I have a new blog logo (yay!) and a plan for this here corner of the internet, which I hope will go beyond ramblings about my life. Starting from next week, I’ll be writing about the history of certain recipes, memories of our favourite dishes, and the singular joy of sitting down to eat. If nothing else, it’ll be the perfect excuse to renew my British Library membership.


You can find the full mission statement in all its verbose glory on my About page, and hopefully – procrastination permitting – you’ll read my first post next week. Just writing that feels good, which I hope, dear readers, means I’m back for good.



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  1. Indeed. It’s an awesome looking logo! Well done on your first commissioned article and good to see you back and raring to go. If I have any questions on Italy, I will shoot you a message 🙂

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