Month: March 2016


Well hello there. Long time no see. Every day for the past month or so I’ve woken up and vowed to write a new blog post. Yes, I tell myself, today will be the day. But then the evening swings around, and there’s a glass of wine in my hand and an old X-Files episode on the TV, and somehow it all seems like too much work. But today is finally that day. I have banana bread, coffee and an almost silent flat. No excuses. So where do I start? Well, I’m living in Islington, which makes me happy beyond words – mostly because Holloway Road has some of the best food in London, but also because I’ve fulfilled one of 12-year-old Alice’s many aspirations. Our ninth floor flat has a kitchen that looks out towards the east – the sunrise a welcome balm for early mornings, and a collection of moka pots for every occasion. I’m working as a copywriter for a new app (exciting and terrifying in equal measure); I’ve written my first commissioned articles (which you Read More