Month: August 2015

Kir and coffee

When a set menu is topped and tailed with kir and coffee, you should probably sit down and order it – even when you don’t like kir and you can’t drink coffee after 7pm. Especially when the waiter ushers you and a loved one to a small table on the edge of La Place de Vosges, and the sky is gilded with pink and the night is warm. It’ll be a nice place to spend a long evening, and if you’re invited to drink kir and coffee, you’re invited to stay for a while. The restaurant may be busy, and the service slow, but you can eat your food slowly and sip at your espresso until the waiters begin to clear the tables. If you’re lucky (like we were at La Place Royale), they may even serve steak frites, with a béarnaise sauce that makes you close you eyes and sigh. The Bourdeaux could be average, but it’ll stay with you right up until the booze-drenched tarte tartin, which is set alight at the table. At Read More