Month: May 2015

A new table

I’ve moved! I’m living in a flat with working heating, a clean kitchen and – thank god – no leaky radiators. There’s a balcony and a globe bar (that’s actually stocked with alcohol!) And at the centre of this contentment is a table. A table with tulips and scattered with kirby grips and pens, where I spent two hours on Sunday morning listening to jazz and drinking bucks fizz in my pyjamas. The food, the wine and the Stacey Kent were fantastic, but it was the table that felt the weight of my contentment. Because, finally, FINALLY, dear reader, I have somewhere to rest my plate. And from this comfortable spot, I can observe all of the things to which I owe this happiness – from the fluffy french toast to the person sitting opposite me, who talks about music and politics and the joy of a fine cup of coffee. Sadly, the only other table in my life is my desk, where I’m spending the majority of my time. Shorthand, article writing, paid employment, exams, evening and weekend classes – Read More