Month: March 2015

Beef and Pak Choi Noodles

I have a leaky radiator. My bed has it’s own little lagoon – if I hang my feet over the edge of the mattress I can paddle in it. I’m sort of used to the damp now, which I’m led to believe is not the right attitude to take when it comes to plumbing. My life is currently distinctly unglamorous. I spend my days working, studying, or feeling guilty about not working and studying. I’m living with a glamour model, a Hungarian body builder and an Italian married couple. I still do not know their names. On Wednesday I took the day off work to sit a media law exam. When it was over I took the train from Wimbledon to Temple and walked to Covent Garden. Everything was a bright and alive and I felt the urge to document it somehow. I decided to take as many photos as I could on my phone – hence the graininess. Reluctantly, I resigned myself to the fact that life doesn’t always have to be presented in HD Read More