Month: February 2015


For me, there is nothing as alluring as the combination of meat and fruit. Minced beef cooked with banana and grated apple in Chiles en Nogada; lamb studded with pomegranate and sweetened with currants in kefta meatballs; juicy apricots in a tagine. Perhaps I should have been born in Medieval England. Following the Crusade, the European raisin trade flourished and its legacy can still be found in so many British recipes. Mince pies are the best example of this taste for the sweet and meaty – they were filled with minced beef, apples, raisins, suet and molasses. Another dish, a porridge originating from the 14th century called frumenty, was made of beef and mutton with raisins, currants, prunes, wines and spices. I adore these heavily spiced, gout-inducing combinations. Bobotie, with its fragrant meat and bubbling egg topping, is my idea of heaven. It is South African, with Malay roots, and it offers the same sort of comfort as a warm bowl of bread and butter pudding. Served with buttery yellow rice, there is no nicer dish for a cold February night. Find Read More