Month: December 2014

Pulled pork and tabasco

Hot sauce reminds me of almost passing out in New Orleans. Here’s an important lesson for you, kids: when a bottle is ‘XXX-rated’ don’t try dipping a cracker into it. It will only end in chilli-infused tears and heartache. Tabasco is a slightly less dangerous pepper sauce but just as synonymous with Louisiana. The home of Tabasco is Avery Island, situated about 140 miles from New Orleans and you’ll find bottles of the stuff on any self-respecting Southern table. I learned a little about the history of “that famous sauce Mr McIlhenny makes” at theAbout Time x Tabasco Bloggers Brunch, in between drinking Bloody Marys and chatting to wonderful food bloggers.   It turns out that the brains behind the operation, Edmund McIlhenny, was first inspired to create a pepper sauce to liven up the bland food of the Reconstruction South. 146 years later and the careful process of making Tabasco has largely remained the same, even if our uses for it are expanding wildly. At the brunch we were encouraged to think outside the box Read More