Month: September 2014

An education in coconut oil: A healthy living and nutrition workshop

I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m very easily influenced. When I was thirteen my mum bought me a t-shirt emblazoned with ‘Easily Led’ and a picture of a sheep. Looking back, it was a wildly inappropriate purchase (but it did match my brown velvet jogging bottoms wonderfully, so I’ll let her off). That t-shirt appears to have made a lasting impact. A couple of years ago I was very almost convinced to go into Wood Green library to read The Book Of Mormon with two lovely guys from Salt Lake City. Honestly, it’s a marvel that I’m yet to join a cult. So when I arrived at Wellbeing Escapes’ Healthy Cooking and Nutrition Workshop, I fully expected to be a signed up member of the clean eating brigade by the end of the morning. As it turns out, this wasn’t a course that advocated a radical lifestyle overhaul (a relief, because committing to living off wheatgrass shots seemed like a lot of hassle). Instead, nutritionist Candice Van Eeden, taught us how to make Read More