Month: July 2014

To The Table – A new blogging venture

It’s almost five years ago that I started writing this blog. There was no real reason for it, apart from having a place to talk about gap year adventuring. If you make the ill-advised decision to skip to those early few months, you’ll see that, for a seventeen-year-old, I had an unusual appetite for Italy. Looking back, there was something unconvincingly perky about my tone, about my enthusiasm. Yet, take that away and there was – there still is – a genuine passion for food and for Italy. To this day, the smell of an Italian supermarket gets my heart racing like nothing else. But does Italy really inspire everything I blog about? No. Less than a year after I started writing I moved to a Madrid for three months and all I wanted to talk about was what it felt to be indescribably lonely during a Madrilenian autumn (I actually refrained from writing about that, which was probably a mistake). Post-university, post-aupairing, and post-Italian obsession, I feel that the name Italian Inspiration is even emptier. So I’ve upped sticks; I’ve Read More