Month: June 2014

Pork Belly

Last Friday evening I spent a pleasant two hours on an empty train with the sea at my back. I’d spent the afternoon between work, school and trains, herding eight children in the direction of Sussex. It was like a school trip – myself and another nanny doling out packed lunches and supervising toilet trips. There are worse jobs than chaperoning to the sea. The children were spending the weekend in Bexhill with their parents (who had driven up early to go to the opera, hence the chaperoning). The house had a magnificent view of the ocean. A fawn shimmer flowed across the sash windows, the glass the only thing separating the house from the vast expanse of sea.   It was a fleeting escape from London – a world currently centred on a new job/internship (yay!), moving into a new house and the new sensations of graduate life – yet it was vaguely liberating. The thought that the ocean is only a shortish train journey away is a comfort. Anyway, as I sat on Read More