Month: August 2013

Why Jamie might have a point.

Jamie Oliver has triggered another class war. In a recent Radio Times interview he more or less stated that the poorest of our society are ignoring the value of good food, in favour of technology and chips. Cue a media backlash culminating in one very loud message: What the hell does he know? Well the thing is, he knows quite a lot. Jamie might not have ever lived in poverty, but he understands food. Of course, being a chef does not entitle him to the gross generalisations he’s routinely rolled out since the start of his TV crusades. We know that there are many people living on the poverty line who eat well, but we cannot deny that there are thousands who don’t. We have an obesity epidemic as proof. Whilst Jamie’s remarks on the eating habits of society’s underprivilaged is hardly a meanwhile social commentary, his point about Italian’s prioritization of food is. In Italy I found that to so many people, being able to put a plate of homemade pasta al pomodoro on Read More

Meet Me in a Dream

“Stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive If you can And meet me in a dream of this hard land” Meet me, Springsteen sings, in a dream of the true America: as rough, as tough, as hard as any other land. In song after song of toil and tears; wartime death and young loss; dreams forgotten and reality accepted, Bruce Springsteen strips away the ghosts of the American Dream to reveal a country that I’m desperate to explore. Everybody needs an inspiration to plan that first coming of age road trip through the US. For some it might be Jack Keruac or John Wayne, but for my sister and I it has always been the Jersey born musician, Bruce Springsteen. His lyrics outline a route through the history and the heart of the USA that go beyond the Swamps of Jersey, straight to the core of the American spirit. Let’s call him Springsteen, our spiritual guide. So how do two students loaded with enthusiasm for this Land of Hope and Dreams, but without the dollar or Read More