Month: July 2013

Borough does Bastille

We curve around a stall selling some of the finest French brie, then left, past a boulangerie decked out with fairy lights. The shoulders I’m holding onto suddenly accelerate away from me. I run to catch up. Louis Armstrong is caught up with the laughter of the conga line as we speed through Borough Market. Then the song ends, the line breaks apart, everybody claps. There’s a sense of liberation in the air. It’s the 14th July – Bastille Day. Borough Market has dedicated a whole day to cheese and crepes and wine to mark La Fête Nationale. We arrive as the evening party kicks off. I eat a falafel wrap and drink Pimms (ooh la la), but also buy a delicious loaf of apricot and walnut bread from Oliver’s Bakery. Oliver – a Frenchman himself – tries to tempt me with a dark chocolate brownie, “for your breakfast tomorrow!”, he suggests, waving the heady slab of chocolate under my nose. Well, If the French can eat brownies for breakfast, there’s nothing stopping me. I Read More

No churn coconut ice cream

“One more minute, oh no oh no, I JUST DON”T KNOW” The young man behind the counter tutted and gestured to the queue winding out of the shop and down the street. “Okay, okay, okay…strawberry” This is one of a few wildly regrettable decisions I’ve made in my life. Strawberry gelato…I had the choice of the most devilish flavours the ice cream world can offer and I plumped for strawberry. Oh well, faced with 100 different flavours and about thirty seconds to make a decision what’s a girl to do but have an existential crisis in the middle of Rome’s famous Gelateria della Palma? I have since learned from my mistake. Now when faced with gelato I go with anything involving chocolate…or caramel…or coffee…or all three. What I’ve really developed is something that affects most of us: Ben and Jerry Syndrome. It’s characterised by a great longing for layer upon layer of contrasting flavours and textures (need I mention my adoration for cookie dough ice cream?) Luckily for me, the Italians know how to jazz Read More