Month: March 2013

Gnocchi and squash salad

The clouds thickened into a purple, black scab across the sky. As more and more people piled into the vaporetto, the air inside the cabin became so close that the clotted sky seemed to be lying on top of us. Rolls of thunder lapped up the sides of the canals in rhythm with the measured thrashing of grey water against stone. The sky and sea were closing in on the city. Bundling up the city to be rocked and shaken against the throb of the Adriatic sea. In less than an hour, the grip of the storm slackened and Venice fell back into its loose maze of canals and lapping water. Life resumed as if nothing had happened. It was wonderful though, when a storm would descend in the midst of summer. I always wanted to write about it to make up for the fact that my family were not there to experience it with me. Moments such as these remind me of why it would be so wonderful to be a travel writer – Read More