Month: February 2013

A Middle Eastern Salad

  A few days ago I found myself engrossed in Nigel Slater’s book, Fast Food. I wasn’t simply skimming the pages, I was lingering over every description. when he writes about the simple joy of a platter full of Medjool dates, plump figs, and polished hazelnuts he isn’t telling me how to make a dessert, he’s telling me a story. I can read a list of ingredients like a novel that curves its narrative from country to country, and from imagination to plate.     Food has always been more than fuel to me. I remember being thirteen years old and counting down the days until Thursday, when Chris Coubrough’s ‘Coastal Kitchen’ was shown on ITV. I was the only teenager I knew who would hang on every delicious remark about the sweet flesh of a Cromer crab or the fragrant beauty of a field of Norfolk lavender. He was to me, what One Direction is to every other thirteen year old. I even wrote Chris fan mail and awkwardly stood next to him for a photo at our County fair. I was smitten, and Read More

Vegan chocolate coconut tart

This time last week I was on a coach on my way back to London. When I saw London in the distance, skyscrapers clustered together, grey faced and glowing with the artificial light of office windows, I wanted to go back to Norfolk. The sky was a choked sort of grey – the dank purple of a bruise. It all seemed so inhospitable, so unwelcoming. Although in all honesty my London blues had very little to do with those skyscrapers (which I love most days), but with what the city had in store for me. I had four essay deadlines looming closer and closer, not to mention the uncountable days of revision galloping into the spring. I wasn’t ready for it. However, the next day I woke up early and the skyscrapers with their artificial lights became shards of glass reflecting sunshine. There was a feeling of spring in the air and suddenly London didn’t seem like such a bad place to be. Isn’t it funny how it’s the small things that can lift you out of Read More