Month: January 2013

Lemon and blueberry swirl cake (and Highgate cemetery)

It’s bloody cold here. It’s so cold that when you’re on a tour of Highgate cemetery, you huddle next to a hard tomb to soften the icy wind that scrapes across the marble. You dance on top of graves to reawaken any inklings of feeling in your toes, and apologise as you do so. Even though you’re surrounded by gothic beauty, all you can do is look down at your red fingers and imagine how nice a steaming cup of coffee would be right now. However, even though your lips have froze together and your teeth are chattering so furiously you think they might escape, the stillness of the cemetery calms you. The west side of Highgate cemetery spans 17 acres, and once prized for its fashionable position in the London outskirts, still offers perfect silence – despite the tens of thousands of souls underfoot. It can only be accessed on a tour, which is what we did last Saturday. Despite the cold it was absolutely magical. Unfortunately, it wasn’t much  warmer when we returned Read More