Month: December 2012


Between my sister and I, there has come about a pretty strict idea on how to do Christmas right. It’s the small things that can drag down my festive cheer, like when people refuse Christmas pudding on the big day (put your taste buds aside and take one for the team, you bunch of Scrooges!) I’ll watch with despair as the family drop off like flies on Christmas day – each one dozing off to sleep, mouths dropping open whilst hopes of a fun filled festive game of Cluedo crumble. Each year my sister and I will hatch a plan, “this year will be the year” we’ll say. The year when we don’t forgot to serve up the roast potatoes, the year when the whole family participates in a game of Scrabble; how we’ll laugh, how jolly we’ll be, yes…this will be the best Christmas yet. Jump to Boxing Day and the critique of the Big Day: It was good, but it could have been slightly more funny, jovial, memorable. In the end we’ll draw Read More


As all of my friends and family know, I love Christmas. In fact, to say I love it is an understatement. Every year I throw myself into the festivities until I resemble a mince pie eating, carol singing, mulled wine glugging, deranged vision of The Ghost of Christmas Present, bulging waistline included. So to me, a city of Christmas markets is heaven. That’s why, my trip to Budapest earlier this week was nothing more than a dream . The journey from the airport was, as most journeys from the airport are, a gross misrepresentation of the city that awaited us. When we emerged from the metro station, the pebble dashed sky was still hanging low, however the Eastern European faceless buildings were replaced with a patchwork of different architectural styles, from gothic to art deco. Throughout the trip I was acutely aware of the beauty that shouldered the Christmas markets and rose up against the few remnants of the Communist era, however, one thing was stopping me from completely appreciating it: the cold. Budapest was Read More