Month: November 2012

Pasta with borlotti beans

Nigella and I have one thing in common. It’s not the whole lust-inducing-spoon-licking thing she’s got going on, instead, it’s a shared love of Italy related subjects. Well, actually it goes a bit further than that: both of us have spent a large portion of our lives pretending to be Italian. I once had a dreams of actually becoming Italia, be it through complete integration into Italy or simple transmogrification. Whilst this aspiration has been given up on, I do still, rather shamefully, try to give the outward impression of being Italianified – I have my own moka pot for goodness sake! However, putting all the pretences aside, there is one basic condition of being Italian that I’ve failed at: The language. Tell anybody that you’ve spent a good four months living in Italy and they’d assume you have at least a pretty basic level of Italian. Unfortunately in my case, they’d be wrong. Sure, on those forms where you can boast about your language capabilities (or lack of) I might put ‘basic Italian’ next Read More