Month: October 2012

The joy of a pumpkin pie

Oh London, do you ever stop? The people hurrying, stressing, sighing in Euston tube station still push and pull at my body long after I’ve escaped into the fresh air. When I’m walking down the high street of my new north London home, neon signs flash in my face, below them are fried chicken joints and late night pizza places; even as I sit here the florescent sign on a 24 hour supermarket beams blue into my bedroom. Look up at the sky in the folds of the nights and the stars ripple in a yellow spill. Everything is tainted with light and noise and wakefulness. University motors on at a similar speed. Deadlines are brought forward and reading piles up on my desk, never to be completed, but picked at and eventually forgotten. A view of London from Alexandra Palace It’s all terribly, terribly busy. Johnson may insist that when one is tired of London, he is tired of life…but what happens when one is tired in London? Worn by its constant energy that rumbles along Read More