Month: August 2012

A Sea For All Seasons

As a child, the seaside was everything I could ever long for and more. The seafront would change wherever we went, whether it be the arcades of Great Yarmouth’s promenade or the prim tea shops of Southwold, however, those white horses galloping towards the shore would always remain the same. Maybe if I’d ventured down to the blue waters of Cornwall I would have seen the English sea in a different light, however, living out my adventuring days in East Anglia ensured the sea was always a grey and grumbling creature. It lived up to its ever inhospitable reputation last week when we took a visit to the lovely town of Aldburgh. Insistent on going for a swim I donned my bikini underneath my clothes – as we all know, once the swim suit has been put on, there’s absolutely no turning back. Despite the warm day the sea held the demeanour of a rather pissed off animal and struck me with its icy claws as soon as I entered the water. Needless to say, Read More