Month: April 2012

Coffee cake

It’s quite extraordinary how prospects of intense revision sessions, early nights and hearty countryside walks can turn into a bowl full of flour, a couple of cracked eggs and a Coffee Cake in a blink of an eye. Revision during holidays never works. I think I should stop pretending it does to save myself the pain of procrastination (for those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, it is defined as: the painful putting off of work until the last minute. Usually involving videos of sloths on Youtube and Facebook stalking). If I entered the Easter holidays under no pretenses that work would actually get done, i wouldn’t be quite so dissapointed that i’m sitting here, dangerously close to exam season, still youtubing videos of sloths and crying over my inability to revise. Oh, being a 21st century student is so hard. Why couldn’t I have been born twenty years earlier, when the internet as we know it was but a twinkle in some inventor’s eye and a night in with the Encyclopedia Britannica Read More