Month: March 2012

Ultimate chocolate cake

  Those early birds among us not only catch the worm, they get to run their fingers through the first threads of the day; watch as the faint breath of light grows stronger and then smile, as finally the morning breaks and becomes that solid, reliable thing that we all know (and that a few of us) love.     I never used to be a morning person. At school I would moan and groan like a rusty engine at the first dreaded buzz off the alarm clock. I would roll, bleary eyed, out of bed and stumble downstairs for breakfast. No, for me 630am was The Devil’s Hour. Somehow, against all odds, university has changed me. I now see those premature hours as time to be cherished and like an irritatingly eager student (which I am in fact not), I use the morning to get a bit of reading done before the day’s distractions consume my motivation and I’m left doing nothing but watching Youtube videos and eating peanut butter straight from the jar. Read More