Month: February 2012

Roast vegetable salad

Life in London is a thrashing, never tiring beast of a thing. Even when I’m sitting in my fairy light twinkling room, I know there’s always reading to be done, articles to be written and sleep to be caught up on. An exam is forever leering round the corner and my babysitting job creeps up on me with the speed and skill of a ninja. In this mad rush, food sometimes has to take a back seat. Although, while there may be no lasagnes bubbling away in the oven or sponge cakes waiting patiently on the counter to be jammed and assembled, food is still happening. And sometimes, it happens in quite a glorious fashion. With Senate House library conquered, mascara smudged and legs dead, yesterday evening I not only wanted an easy meal, I needed one. And it had to be one of those hodge-podged from the back of the fridge kind of dinners, because the Sainsbury’s sitting directly opposite my halls is just too damn far when even the 5 second walk to Read More