Month: January 2012

Chiles en Nogada

My time spent in Mexico last year was in a word, incredible. It was a month of discovery, reward and realisation. I made friendships with people who for their own unique reasons were pulled towards Mexico – to that little city nestled in the rippling peaks of the Sierra de Guanajuato. Whether it was to give something back, create new memories, or simply to grab at the glorious opportunities life has to offer, everybody’s reason for coming to San Miguel de Allende was different. For me, going to Mexico was a combination of the three. After visiting the website for Casa de los Angeles and seeing the wonderful work they do for families in  need, I knew I wanted to help. Of course, nearing the end of my gap year and having yet to stray outside of Europe, I was also desperate for the new and exciting prospects Mexico would offer. However, more than anything else I yearned for adventure. I wanted to discover the side of Mexico that stands confidently above its grimy reputation, but which still manages Read More

The Morning Ritual

I can honestly not think of a better way to start the morning than with opening my window as far as it will go (precisely 2.5 inches) and breathing in the sweet London air: wet tarmac infused with that heady scent of – how you say? – Grey. Beautiful.   This window does not condone suicide.  The London Sky – A thing of beauty.  Reassured by the familiarity of the sight and content in the knowledge that my window is prohibiting me from recklessly taking my own life for yet another day, I stumble into the kitchen. The kitchen sink. It’s looked worse. A lot worse.  It’s the smell that strikes first. Stale potato waffles maybe and oh, what’s this? The strands of crusty noodles latticing the hob tell me that the sweet and sour odour must be from Korean Guy’s late night ramen. I try to ignore the green fuzz sprouting from the microwave – sometimes ignorance is bliss. I don’t even want to know.  Now, what to have for breakfast? The thought crosses Read More

Maybe, if I dream hard enough…

…it might just happen. If I want something this much, then surely I can beat all of the impossibilities through willpower alone. Simply by flinging my heart head-first at a far-off, near-on never going to happen prospect, perhaps I can somehow get my whole being to follow, and eventually I’ll make it. This glorious dream is not about the delicious braised chicken shown below from Giorgio Locatelli’s Made in Sicily, although I will come back to it later. And it is absolutely amazing. No, what I’m talking about are my aspirations for The Future. The Big F-Word. This past week I’ve been doing a bit of soul searching and trickle by trickle, my hopes and dreams have been collecting in a big pool that I like to call Alice’s Master Plan. It involves New York, screen writing and a guy called Jake (well the latter might possibly be the product of delusion.) Now, in reality all of these components seem completely impossible to achieve. I’m not gonna lie, unless I marry an American who conveniently Read More