Month: December 2011

London Through the Eyes of Dickens

Read Dickens and then go, explore London. Suddenly, the fog will not only cover the Thames, it will suffocate it, smother, shroud it. It will blur the lines of politics and muffle the whispers of uprising emanating from Parliament. It will drown the great river itself, clamour at Westminster Bridge and blanket that point where Wordsworth composed his great poem. Everything will be still, apart from the fog. The fog that rolls, solemnly, up the Thames. Adjectives will crash around your head like waves thrashing angrily against each other. You’ll suddenly see London as Dickens did, every motion intensified, every detail picked out. A night time walk through the great City of London will take on a certain eeriness, as Scrooge’s ghosts whisper at you from the same ancient streets the old miser walked himself. When you pass St Michael’s church at Cornhill, the bell will ring; the noise so shrill that it’s like its teeth are ‘chattering in its frozen head’. A drawn out ‘brrrrrrring, brrrrrrring’ across the icy city, leaving a faint echo in the frosted air. And the markets! The markets will come to Read More