Month: October 2011

Fennel a la qrecque

Sharp right off Euston Road onto Gower Street, feet scrambling on the pavement, trying desperately to avoid the oncoming traffic of people. Late, always late. Through the iron gates. The stone temple of the UCL Octagon building stands opposite, almost two hundred years of study etched into its skin. I head towards it, bag swaying pendulum-like on my shoulder; pages and pages of History weighing me down. Through the wooden doors, down the stairs and across a courtyard. Some students are drinking coffee, for me there’ll never be time for that. Finally, I make it. A moment outside the door to catch my breath, neaten my hair. I’m late of course, some things never change. Then’s it’s in, find a seat, take out a pen, listen. Now I’m transported: From London to the Wild West, Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece. That’s History for you. Sometimes in life we need to be transported away from the present. For food, it’s the same. Vegetables, for example, on the supermarket shelf are uniform, soulless; rewind hundreds, maybe even thousands of Read More

A Cake for New Beginnings

University. A time for flying the nest, making new friends and twizzling your fake moustache in a scholarly manner, and of course, a time for new beginnings. Living in the heart of London feels like an especially significant new beginning; especially after spending the summer hiking to forgotten Alpen peaks and picking blackberries in dewy fields. Now I’m faced with a sweating mass of human flesh being pummelled into a claustrophobic tube every morning. Nice. Apart from the horrific rush hour though, London is great. “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life….”  Samuel Johnson obviously knew what he was talking about. To be tired of London means to be tired of the bright lights of the West End (literally on my doorstep I might add); the buzz of Borough Market; the cultural offerings of the National Gallery or the drunken delights of a 3am night bus, I can tell you, nobody could tire of that. In terms of food as well, this city has it all. From China-town to the Read More