Month: September 2011

Courgette lasagne

Goodbye clean work surfaces, adios baking supplies, arrivederci  kitchen. And hellooooo uni. I’m not even there yet (only four days to go…eeek) but I’m already anticipating the greasy ovens, lack of clean utensils and overall reduced quality of kitchen escapades. No access to my 60,340 recipe books – what on earth will I do?! (the answer ‘Get a life’ is not welcome here by the way). To make things a little bit more like home I am packing a large selections of spices however. I think it’s highly likely that I will be the only student to be taking a jar of wild sumac to uni….and dried yeast for that matter…. Oh well, I’ll just be known as ‘Delia’ or maybe if I’m lucky, ‘Nigella’. Most likely though I’ll be ‘that cooking freak who makes jam instead of going out’. Oh dear, I can picture it now; me welcoming flatmates home after a night out with brownies and a glass of milk. Well, I’ve been trying to make the most of my last days at Read More

Chocolate chip cookies

So, what have I accomplished in my month spent at home before uni? The answer is, not a lot. Unless of course you count organizing the clothes in my wardrobe by colour as a worthwhile use of one’s time. Although, however efficient this may be, we can all agree that wardrobe reorganisation doesn’t make for a very interesting summer. In fact, the only thing I’ve been doing to slow down my decline into unemployed slob status, is getting up early. This prevents me from vegetating in front of  Jeremy Kyle whilst simultaneously stalking people’s Facebook profiles – still wearing PJs of course – at 11 o’clock in the morning. I could never be full time unemployed, I’d either be harbouring a tv addiction or be obese, although probably both. So instead I’ve been busying myself in the kitchen with baking cookies, cooking soups for lunch, accidentally leaving the freezer door open so that everything defrosts, and generally being a damn good domestic goddess. I’ve also been making an effort to be slightly more frugal in Read More