Month: May 2011

´Casa De Los Angeles´ – House of Angels

It was a bright morning in London when I walked to Borough tube station, acquiring strange looks as I squeezed through the barriers, struglling under the weight of a gigantic back pack.  I stepped onto the tube, knowing that the next time I was to be on English soil I would have experienced one amazing month in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico. I hoped that I´d have a great tan and maybe improved Spanish skills, but never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the fulfillment I would have taken from volunteering at Casa De Los Angeles. This wonderful place is a ´guardería´ – I like that Spanish word, it means daycare centre but insinuates the idea of ´guarding´ the children – because that´s exactly what Casa de Los ANgeles is, it´s a safe place for single mothers to bring their children to whilst they work. The centre relies on the hard work of its founder, Donna, and the hoardes of volunteers that have descended on the place since its opening. I´m so delighted to Read More

On the great gelato trail

I fall in love with places too easily. Most people, when they return from a wonderful holiday destination will think, ‘how beautiful, I must come back someday’. Not me however, instead I become so transfixed with the place that I set my heart firmly on the idea of living there. Unsurprisingly then, I’ve returned home from Venice with my heart set firmly in the midst of its winding, ancient canals. I imagine how wonderful it must be to experience Venice in the winter, with mist clinging to each silent alleyway and the gondolas, with their ethereal grace, sliding over the dark waters of the canals. I imagine how glorious it must be to wake up in the glow of dawn and wonder to the Grand Canal, to watch the city slowly awaken and fill with life. Oh how delightful it would be, even in the height of summer when the air sticks to the skin like a damp shroud, to pick my way through the tides of tourists and to know that to them this magical place is a holiday Read More