Month: April 2011

A Home for the Heart

Home. Even the word is beautiful. The first soft consonant hums peacefully before being embraced and silenced by the reassuring softness of an ‘m’. In a sort of way it is onomatopoeic, the wholesome mono-syllabic utterance reflecting perfectly the warmth of the place we call ‘home’. For me, home will always be buried within the aging streets of a Norfolk town; it’s the place that holds my family, friends, memories and ultimately, my heart. I’m only in London, yet gazing out of the train window as tower blocks melt into green fields still warms my heart. Think of the people travelling across the country, across the world, just to reach their loved ones and imagine that increasing joy, as the foreign transforms into the familiar. So for all of those people who are currently exploring some far flung corner of the world on their gap year, I hope that you have the time of your lives, but that you also come home safely. Even if I’m not thousands of miles away from my family, trekking Read More