Month: December 2010

The Home of the Octopus….

Galicia. The heartland of that famous Spanish delicacy: pulpo. A few months ago the prospect of eating octopus would have had me running, what with its tentacles tinged with that unmistakable vein-coloured purple. But then again, the idea of dining out on tripe and black pudding wouldn’t have got me too excited either. However, after living with a family of Spanish carnivores for the past three months, my former qualms concerning innards and tentacled creatures have all but vanished. So armed with a hearty appetite for octopus, I left Leon for Galicia on a cold and rainy Saturday afternoon. I had been invited to stay with Erin and her host family in the Galician town of Ourense. In fact, I very almost ended up au pairing in the same city myself, as I had found a lovely sounding family there earlier this year. However, eventually I decided against taking up their offer. As it happens, this was a very lucky decision. Apparently the family I was going to stay with hired another au pair, who has Read More

Food And The City

What I’ll take home from this experience in Madrid will not be memories of nights out with sangria or parties that last late into the wee hours, but instead something far more humble: baking. You’d think that having the ‘city that never sleeps’ at my fingertips would encourage the rebel part of me to make itself known, but no. When faced with such a metropolis of a city as Madrid is, I’ve drawn much comfort from spending an afternoon in the calm and comfort of the kitchen; experimenting, inventing and eating. Now, don’t start thinking of me as a lonely social recluse, because I’m not. I love Madrid and I love spending an afternoon searching out its best shops or wandering around one of its many musueums. In fact, last weekend I was given the opportunity to share the city with my friend from England. I’ve known Erin for six years; we went to the same highschool, sixth form and we both left England at the same time to become au pairs. The only difference Read More