Month: September 2010

Chicken Broth for Autumn Nights

With only five days until I head off to Madrid, what better way to spend my remaining days in England than by spending cosy evenings by the fire, tv remote in one hand and a bowl of chicken broth in the other? This recipe is just perfect for those feeling a little bit worse for wear, with it’s soothing and flavoursome stock. It’s really simple and cheap to make too – you just need a leftover chicken carcass and a few veggies, then just leave it to simmer for a couple of hours and hey presto – a delicious broth to warm the cockles of your heart! Ingredients The carcass from a roast chicken 2 large carrots 2 medium onions and 2 large carrots 7 sticks of celery 2 leeks 8-10 large leaves of cabbage or kal A bay leaf 1. Using your fingers and a small sharp knife, pick off all the good leftover meat on a roast chicken. Put all the bones and gristly scraps (everything except the good meat) in a pan with 2 large Read More

Rome…Revisited (after a slight delay)

So you must all be thinking, “woah, that must be a bloody big egg sandwich she’s eating” because yes, after leaving for a lunch break just over two weeks ago, I never returned to recounting my time in Rome. Between organising my university re-application, helping my sister get ready for uni and watching countless missed episodes of Project Catwalk, I haven’t had much time to update the blog…until now. Rome is a city that stole my heart five years ago, when my family and I made our first ever trip to Italy. Ever since that first trip, I have viewed Rome as a city of olives opposite the Pantheon, twilight horse and carriage rides through the ancient centre and midnight strolls through atmospheric streets. Now however, five years on and without the guidance and finance of my parents, would the city fit in with the memory I’d treasured from my childhood? In a word: yes. Everything was how I remembered it; the fountains were in the places they belonged, the Sistine Chapel as beautiful as I had remembered Read More

Rome and Home

One long summer later and I’m home. I’ve returned to my family and my bed and Robinson’s squash and all of the other longed-after English food stuffs I’ve missed so dearly. Ahhhh…it sure does feel good to be home. Even though it’s cloudy and despite the fact that I now have to begin the long process of sorting out another au pair job for the autumn, for me home is as warm as that smoldering italian sun. Between getting lost in the streets of Rome, eating ice cream and then eating more ice cream, I have failed to update my blog for a whole two weeks! Unforgivable. So you better get comfortable, because an awful lot of happenings and food have passed since my last, distant post. So, results day. As promised, I was a nervous wreck and it wasn’t until mid-morning that I mustered the courage to check my UCAS and discover whether I got into my uni…and guess what? I did! I just had to wait for the arrival of my parents and Read More