Month: August 2010

One Last Week

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s officially one week until I leave behind the place I’ve called home for the past two months. I won’t be returning to England straight away though, oh no, first there is a mighty lot of sight-seeing, eating and partying to be done with my friends in Rome. However, before my parents come to visit me on Friday, before I leave for Rome on Tuesday and before I head back to England in two weeks, I have to face…Results Day. The dreaded 19th August. The day when I discover my fate; will it be Royal Holloway or will it be…well I daren’t think about the other possibilities. So in the early hours of Thursday morning please do think of me, crouched over my laptop, waiting to hear the news which my entire future depends on. Yes, I might be a little bit stressed. Now on to happier thoughts. So what have I been up to this past week and a bit? Well, I’ve met up with Hattie once more since last writing Read More

Heaven on a plate.

So, it was on wednesday the 5th August that I consumed my best meal in Italy to date. In fact, perhaps the best meal of my year, or even of my life. In fact, it makes me question why I bother eating anything else at all, when it’s all completely inferior to this little plate of heaven. So here it is: spaghetti with clams, tomatoes and this indescribably delicious sauce. Believe it or not, before coming to Italy I was a bit nervous about the whole shellfish scene. I used to look at them with distrust, because lets face it, we’ve all heard of a nightmare food poisoning story involving Great Yarmouth and some dodgy cockles. So, I ate my first mouthful with trepidation, however as soon as I tasted that saltiness combined with the warmth of the pasta and the depth of the sauce I simply fell in love. And it doesn’t stop there, after finishing my pasta another saucepan filled with elegant, ebony mussels appeared on the table. Swimming in a salty, buttery sauce they Read More

Another Piece of England in Italy

It’s official: there are two Mulhearns in Italy. In fact, there are two Mulhearns in Terracina and to be even more exact, just yesterday there were two Mulhearns sitting on my balcony chatting and eating gelato. Now, you would think that this would have been a good opportunity for Hattie to take my computer and share her story with you, in her own words, on this blog. However, it was not to be. After leaving her alone for a good half an hour with instructions to share her au pairing adventure, I returned only to find her on Facebook. Needless to say, she failed in her task. In fact, despite expressing concern that (in her own words) “nobody even realises that I’ve pissed off to Italy as well”, I was quite surprised that Hattie wasn’t more keen to tell the world that she is alive and well and currently staying in Terracina. So, instead I will talk a little about the day we spent together yesterday which was, although I hate to admit it, such Read More