Month: July 2010

Lost In Translation

Here in Italy I am just a bit special. You can walk the whole stretch of coast from Terracina to Circeo – 30 kilometres – and you will not find a single soul like me. Yes, that’s right: I am the only English person in the village (or on this part of the Lazio coast anyway). I haven’t, in my month of being here, seen a single British person. Of course, this does sometimes make me feel very foreign and a little bit lost, but on the whole it’s an escape. Never before have I been thrown so far into the deep end and had to swim so vigorously to keep afloat; however it’s this constant effort that is teaching me so much about the country’s culture. For example, just from sitting back and listening I have learned many useful Italian phrases (well, commands…commonly aimed at misbehaving little children) such as:  ‘guardami’ (look at me), ‘aspettami’ (wait for me) so I just need to learn ‘stop jumping on that bloody bed and get your arse over here’ and Read More


Okay then, seeing as in my last post I proclaimed my newfound Englishness, I’m going to do the proper thing and talk – very seriously – about the weather. Whilst I sit here on my balcony, swollen raindrops are beginning to fall from the dark and stormy sky. I can hear the excited chirruping of birds, silenced only by the periodic rumblings of distant thunder. There is a freshness in the air that for the first time in over three weeks, has made me put on a cardigan. Oh yes, there is a storm brewing. In fact, after weeks and weeks of unrelenting sun the weather over the past three days has been changing. For example, blowing away the sticky heat of summer, we have been blessed by a much welcomed breeze. Whilst providing respite from the heat, this wind has also aggravated the ocean; whipping the waves into towering and mighty walls of water. Of course, this was the source of amusement for many Italian ‘look how cool and hard I am’ teenage boys, who Read More


If I have learned only one thing from au pairing, it is that I am a snail. Not in the sense that I’m slow (although admittedly, I am) but through the fact that I carry my home on my back. When I left England almost three weeks ago now, I rather naively thought that I could say goodbye to my family and friends, hop on a plane and forget about them for two months. However, I have since discovered that it is not so easy. Home is a part of us and to separate ourselves from it is near impossible. From morning to nigh I think about England and all of the things I miss there: my mum, my sisters, my brother, my dad, nieces, nephews, fish and chips and rain (I know…how crazy is that?) Although I’m trying my best to dig my feet into Italy and embrace life here, there are always those roots in England which are pulling me in the direction of home. Despite the occasional stings of homesickness however, I really am enjoying Read More