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The Countdown Begins…

One month. One glorious exam-laden month until I’ll be boarding a Ryanair flight (well, as long my airport curse doesn’t prevent it), and jetting off to Rome Ciampino airport. From there, I’ll travel westwards, towards the sea. Oh, the wonderful, dazzling Italian ocean. And then I’ll gorge on gnocchi and pasta and pizza and I’ll spend my days worshipping the sun, so that by September I’m a beautfiully bronsed goddess! I’m rather excited, can you tell?

The only slight worry I have is the fact that the family I’ll be au pairing for don’t seem to be replying to my emails. I’ve sent them an array of question-laden messages, I even went so far as to resort to snail mail and send them a letter. But still nothing! If they hadn’t already purchased the  flight for me, I might be getting worried…

But hey-ho, the Italian mamma, wait scrap that, I mean the Columbian-born-married-to-an-Italian mamma, is expecting another baby, so I’m sure they’re just too busy to reply to my emails, letters and desperate pleas for attention. I hope.

With a bit of luck I’ll update with some foodie recipes soon…Italian cuisine beckons.

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