Month: May 2010

The Cats of Venice

Oh, to be a cat of Venice. To slink through the early morning fog of a deserted canal. To walk in the footsteps of a millenium; soft paws crossing the well-worn Venetian streets. To find a sun-kissed window sill, from which to doze and dream and watch the life of an ancient city pass by. Oh, to be a cat of Venice….

Glorious, glorious England.

The title of my blog, ‘Italian Inspiration’, might lead some people to believe that I am ready to wave arriverderchi to my own country and say ‘ciao’ to Italy. However, it’s on gloriously sunny days like this that I adore England; with it’s country lanes and May fields, boasting sunshine-yellow rape flowers. I love how when the sun comes out the BBQs make their appearance from every shed in Britain, and how you only need to take an evening stroll to be tantalised by the smell of sizzling meat emanating from every other garden. And then June will come and the elderflower will drip from its tree, providing the most beautiful perfume for a summer’s walk. Wimbledon will follow shortly after, and suddenly everybody will feel the need to play tennis. Even I, the world’s most uncoordinated soul, will take up my tennis racket, make a picnic and spend the day at the local grass courts with friends. Oh, and of course, it’ll rain. Whole weeks will go by where the sky is thick with cloud Read More

Revision and Rome…

It’s been an awfully long time since I last updated this blog. I blame it on AQA. Yes, glorious exam season is upon us once more. School has been plastered with ‘Silence, Exam In Progress’ signs and in the library the stress of fellow students is permeating the air. Basically, life is pretty intense. I’ve already had three hellish Spanish exams and now never want to listen to an ‘hola’ or ‘adios’ again. A feeling which really isn’t aiding the revision for my fourth and final examen de español. So, it was rather nice this morning to be reminded of summer. Walking to school this morning with my friend, through the avenues of Norwich, the sun shone and warmed and comforted. It wasn’t the type of hazy March sun, which gives you a tantalizing glimpse of the season to come, before turning to snow within a blink of an eyelid. No, this was the real deal. The balmy, sultry sunshine of early summer which puts a spring in your step. It reminded me that whether or not I Read More