Month: April 2010

How do you like your yoghurt topped with granola and fruit in the morning?

Who else goes to bed, looking forward to waking up just so that they can eat breakfast? Well I certainly do. Especially when those weetabix minis with chocolate chips or those new kelloggs ‘krave’ are adorning the cupboards…mmmm, they’re so good. So, as you can tell my breakfasts don’t tend to be the picture of nutrition. That is why today I decided to recreate a delicious breakfast which I enjoyed in New York – yoghurt mixed with raspberry coulis, topped with granola and fruit. Coupled with a gloriously sunny spring morning and a tall glass of orange juice, this certainly was the only way to start the day!

Rain, sunshine and pizza…

“Tuscany is decorated with Florence like a ring with an expensive jewel; and the town is adorned with all sorts of good things, like a virginal neck with a beautiful necklace.” – G. Dati, La sfera After reading such beautiful descriptions of Florence from my guide book, the city had an awful lot to live up to. Would it be this place of culture, art, food and architecture and would I find it to be truly – as stated by many others – ‘the most beautiful city in the world’? Well, Florence certainly offered me everything that an Italian city should offer; from gelato on every street and magnificant churches on every corner. So, let’s start from the beginning: the plane. I have talked before about my frequent run-ins with trouble at the airport. Although, to be honest it is either the airline, or more often than not me, who triggers the calamity. However, this time Mother Nature is to blame for once again reinforcing my bitterness towards flying as a mode of transport. Have Read More