Month: August 2009

The Airport.

The airport: Heaven or hell? I pose this question after debating over it with my sister. She adamantly insists that the airport is a place to get excited about, what with the hustle, bustle and holiday waiting at the other end. I beg to differ. For me, a relationship with airports that was once based on an excitement about plane food, suitcase carousals and those goody bags that the air hostesses used to hand out; has since turned bitter. Let me explain why… In april I was lucky enough to get invited to Italy, and the trip itself was brilliant – Milan, mountains and other gorgeousities…but then came airport time, uh oh. Now, before I continue I want to make a few things clear. I’m slightly ditsy. Dotty, scatty, feather-brained, in a word: useless. Therefore, naturally me and airports do not mix. And this time was not an exception. On arriving at the check-out, myself and my long-suffering friend found out that we were, wait for it… TWELVE hours late to our flight. The plane Read More

Hasta la pizza baby

So after a bit of humming and harring I finally decided that after using half of my ham on chicken wrapped with prosciutto, I would use the rest to make pizzas. Admittedly, I didn’t make the base myself after several previous attempts at making it, which failed miserably(although if anybody has a foolproof recipe I would love to know!); instead I used a ‘just add water pizza base mix’ – lazy, I know. According to the packet the pizzas are only supposed to take half an hour to make,although mine literally took three hours, ’30 minutes’ my arse! However, I admittedly did drag it out by putting all of the toppings in separate little bowls for the simple reason that it was more aesthetically pleasing! As you can see my prosciutto is looking extremely gorgeous, and I would like to add that this ham is so good that it is exported to Harrods. Trust me, this stuff is like gold. After watching the pros twist and throw and generally work magic with their pizza dough Read More

Hello World!

So, my first post. Well seeing as I’ve just come back from a pretty amazing trip to Italy I’ll tell you a little bit about it, complete with a few photos. For this holiday I can only thank my good friend, whose friend we stayed with. Nestled in the footholds of the mountains in northern Italy, Sally’s centuries-old flat is evococative of a time gone by. In true Romeo and Juliet style, the balcony looks out onto a courtyard, and at dusk when the shadows bounce of the surrounding walls it isn’t hard to imagine it being the setting for a romantic love story. Most days were spent by Lake Como, where we sunbathed, snorkelled and swam. The only disheartening factor about the whole experience was the hoardes of bikini-clad slim Italian women who emerged from the water like Ursella Andress in Dr No. Lets just say I was feeling decidedly translucent and slightly untoned after my first day! On day two we travelled for two hours to Camogli on the Italian Riviera. This is Read More